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Founded in 1969 by engineer, rear-admiral V. F. Burkhanov. 

In 1972 Dr. I.D. Danilov became the head of the Laboratory, while its scientific supervisors were Prof. A.I. Popov and Prof. O.K. Leontyev.
For 40 years (1979-2019) the laboratory was headed by Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Professor Vladimir I. Solomatin.

 Vasiliy F. Burkhanov    Igor D. Danilov   Aleksandr I. Popov   Oleg K. Leontyev    Vladimir I. Solomatin


Stanislav Ogorodov, Doctor of Geography, Professor of Russian Academy of Science



  •  Assessment and forecast of stability of relief, lithogenic bases, and permafrost in connection with the dynamics of cryogenic geosystems at reclaimed areas of the North

  •  Dynamics of the coastal zone of the Arctic seas in natural and man-caused transformed conditions

  •  Effects of ice formations on the coasts and bottom of Arctic seas

  •  Remote methods of geo-environmental monitoring of northern tehnogeosystems 

  •  History of the development of natural complexes of the North

In these areas, the laboratory performed a number of state contracts, projects, and grants.


  • Analysis of land use in the Far North: monitoring of natural hazards, the development of practical recommendations for the prevention of destructive processes, land reclamation

  • Assessment of the state of nature-technical systems in permafrost and remote monitoring based on aerospace data analysis 

  • Creation of feature-rich GIS for specific promising areas of oil and gas development

  • Predicting the dynamics of the Arctic coast and underwater slope deformations in the areas of laying of linear hydraulic structures, subsea pipelines, and communication cables

  • Assessing the impacts of sea ice on the shore and bottom of freezing seas




The Permafrost Coastal Systems Network (PerCS-Net, Alaska, US) - https://permafrostcoasts.org/

Assessing the Sensitivity of Arctic Coastal Dynamics to Change (RFBR-Helmholtz project, 2009-2011) 


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