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Renewable Energy Sources

Laboratory for renewable energy sources has been established in 1987.
Laboratory founder was Dr. Vyacheslav Victorovich Alekseev (1940-2007), Dr.Sci. in physics and math., professor, RAEN academician.
Dr. Alexander Alekseevich Solovyev, Dr. Sci in physics and math., professor, RAEN academician, heads the laboratory since 2006.

Laboratory staff

Chief researcher: A.A.Solovyev, Dr.Sci. in physics and math., professor, RAEN academician.

Leading researchers: S.I.Zaytsev, Ph.D. (physics and math.), S.V.Kiseleva, Ph.D. (physics and math.), N.I.Chernova, Ph.D. (biology).

Senior researchers: T.I.Andreenko, Ph.D. (biology), M.Yu.Berezkin, Ph.D. (geography), A.M.Zalikhanov, Ph.D. (geography), L.V.Nefedova, Ph.D. (geography), N.A.Rustamov, Ph.D. (physics and math.), O.A.Sinyugin, Ph.D. (economics).

Researchers: K.S.Degtyarev, A.M.Nechaev, Ph.D. (technics), Yu.Yu.Rafikova

Junior researcher: O.Yu.Kalinina

Engineers and technicians: V.A.Verbitsky, V.A.Nikitina, V.V.Tebuev, K.V.Chekarev, V.P.Shakun, M.V.Zakharov.

Main research areas
• Study of physics-geographical, social-economical, technological and environmental factors providing energy and environmental sustainable development in Russia’s regions based on traditional and renewable energy sources. Formulation of regional trends in renewable energy investment activity, as well as key competitive points in renewable energy compared to traditional one.
• Development of hybrid solar facilities to decrease energy consumption in micro-algae cultivation process, as a raw material for bio-fuel production. Testing program and methodology; probation of energy facility operation. Analysis of forecasting methodology in hybrid energy facilities output, based on long climate data series.
• The renewable energy resources geography in Russia and the world. Geographic information systems of renewable energy in Russia. System analysis of trends in the development of renewable energy in Russia and in the world.

The main results achieved
• Development of web-based GIS “Renewable energy sources in Russia”. Interactive maps for operational, constructing and projected renewable energy utilities in Russia. Renewable energy resources calculation methodology has been proposed, as well as modeling of efficiency parameters for hybrid energy facilities and solar heating devices.
• Development of innovative technological solutions in energy saving micro-algae cultivation as a raw material for bio-fuels based on hybrid solar facilities. Operational efficiency experimentally proved at test modular energy systems.
• Completion of monitoring research in evaporation cooling systems for power plants with intensive heat and mass air transfer, defended by MSU patents. Criteria for heat efficiency and environmentally safe operation of nuclear power plants in low latitudes at harsh climate conditions were set up.
• In the framework of renewable energy resource geography innovative and technological advantages of solar energy were studied. Economic-geographical analysis of innovation process in renewable energy between countries and regions of the world was carried out. Typification of territorial factors in renewable systems organization determining the efficiency of renewable energy applications in rural areas of some countries was made.

Since 1999 the laboratory holds youth scientific schools “Renewable sources of energy”. The last one (9th) took place in November 2014.

Laboratory relationship with research organizations, including international: Moscow Power Energy Institute, Oceanology Institute RAS, Russia’s Institute for Rural Electrification RAS, United Institute for High Temperatures RAS, Governmental Energy Strategy Institute, Geography Institute RAS, Experimental Meteorology Institute, Governmental Research Institute Typhoon, Peoples Friendship Russian University, National Economy Academy RAS, Research Center for Wave Mechanics and Technology RAS, Russian National Biofuels Association, Russian Wind Power Association, Russian Solar Energy Association, International Hydrogen Energy Association, Korean Institute for Energy Research, Japan Institute for Energy Economics, International Solar Energy Society, Faculty for machinery engineering, aerospace construction, nuclear physics and metallurgy in Bologna University.

Key publications

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